How to start earning money online (as a student)

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you’re staying at home waiting for admission, studying a course in one of the universities, or awaiting your NYSC call-up or just waiting for a job. In this article, you’ll learn “how to start earning money online” in your spare time as a student or unemployed graduate. Lets go.

Ways you can start earning money online as a student:

  1. Blogging
    No matter what year it is, blogging seems to be the surest ways to make money as a student. You can start an education blog, job website, tech blog or even a news and entertainment blog! After starting your blog, you’ll need to learn how to generate traffic and signup with Google Adsense in order to start making money from adverts.
  2. Freelancing
    During my student days, I earned money from blogging to finance most of my school expenses but there are friends of mine who turned to freelancing to get their bills paid (and even till date). Fiverr is one place to start with, Freelancer(.com) is also there.
    What you need to do in freelancing is just to discover what you do best – whether it’s writing articles, designing logos or websites, apps – and start doing it for clients on freelancing websites in exchange for the mullah.
  3. Building and selling of Facebook page
    I recently bought a Facebook page for 1m naira (I won’t tell you the page but it had about 400k likes). Some people create Facebook pages and post engaging stuff on these pages to attract audience. When the audience base is large enough, fiam!; they flip the page for money.
  4. Trading Bitcoin
    Although this needs a fair large amount of money for capital depending on how much you’re going to trade, you need to be very careful while trading Bitcoin because it can make or mar your bank account.
    All you need is to buy Bitcoin at lower prices (say N340 per $1BTC) and sell with a satisfactory profit margin (maybe N370 per $1BTC). The cons is that Bitcoin to dollar prices might decrease after buying Bitcoin, however, you stand a huge profit if Bitcoin prices swing the opposite way and increases.

And that’s what we have for today. Kindly let me know in the comment section if you have any questions about earning money online as a student.


  1. Thanks so much 💋 I love this 👍 and I appreciate that please how do I start this business I really want to study online send me so details about it tax am waiting

  2. Please I want to be inspired about this online business,I have been looking for an opportunity, please I need your help.teach me more about how to earn money online

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