Scholarship for International Students in the United States

Westbon is the first lending platform for international students in the U.S. Based in Chicago, they specialize in providing auto loans and personal loans for their customers, who have always been an underserved group due to their lack of a Social Security Number (SSN) and credit history.

Westbon is dedicated to assisting international students in their pursuit to study in the United States and is always amazed by how vibrant and talented the international student community is.

To help international students further pursue their dreams in the U.S., Westbon has established a scholarship program for international students who are on F1 Visa in the United States. Regardless of your fields of study, Westbon is happy to offer the assistance you need for your college studies in the United States.


To qualify, you must be:

  • International students on F1 Visa with valid I20
    Undergrad, master students all welcomed to apply
    All nationalities and majors are welcomed to apply
    Minimum GPA 2.70 out of 4.00 or equivalent
    Online application form
    L20 & Transcript
    Supporting documents if necessary
    What are they looking for?
  • Applicants who have the excellent achievement and great potential in academic, extracurricular activities or social fields.
  • Academic
  • Applicants who excel in their study with demonstrated academic performance.
    Please provide your most recent transcript. Supporting documents like recommendation letters from your professors or supervisors are recommended but not required.
    Adventurous/ Creative
  • Enthusiastic travelers who have seen and witnessed the true beauty of the world.
    Talented artists and designers who have an amazing, stunning portfolio.
    Adventurers who have an amazing story to tell.
    It all depends on your experience and endeavors.
    Social Impact/ Leadership/ Entrepreneurship
  • Candidates who have entrepreneurship spirit, a significant social impact, or the ability to influence others in a positive way.
    Candidates who have shown leadership in extracurricular activities or won recognition within the international student organization and communities.
    All undergraduate and master program students are welcome to apply. You can find further details here.


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