3 easy ways to make money from home as student or non-student

Following the success of our last article on how to start earning money online as a student (go check that out), I think its quite necessary to tell you guys some of the way you can earn money as a student at home without much knowledge of the internet.

Easy Ways To Make Money From Home

  1. Opening A Football Viewing Center
    You can start a viewing center in a crowded settlement in your school vicinity or locality. You have to buy a DSTV dish alongside a large TV set (if you already have one, that would be a plus), a fan and some benches. You will get a carpenter to mount a roof over your viewing center with low-cost aluminum zinc to shelter your customers from rain and sunshine.
    Some people I’ve seen do buy a Play Station and a smaller TV set for gaming. Customers have to pay $1 for every 10 minutes the game is played. Now calculate that money in your local currency.
  2. Selling clothes and footwear on Instagram
    This one is self explanatory. Walk into any boutique that offers low prices on their wares. Snap some of their products and put on sale on your Instagram account with a higher price. When someone orders, you take your profit and go to the boutique, order the product and send to your customer. If you have enough capital, you can buy some of these stuff outright from the boutique, major market (like Main Market, Onitsha) or from China.
  3. Selling cars on OLX
    Many students are oblivious of this huge opportunity. You can make mega money selling other people’s cars on OLX, Jiji or other classified ads apps. Just go to a car stand, snap some of their cars with you smartphone. Get the price, add your own profit and place them on sale on OLX, Jiji or even your Whatsapp status!
  4. Bonus
    Open a photocopy center. With less than $100, you’ll secure a good second-hand photocopy machine. Look for space in your school environment or student area where you’ll mount a small kiosk and start doing photocopy for students. This business is time-consuming so you can employ an attendant.

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