Benue State University (BSU) massive recruitment (Part 1)

Benue State University, Makurdi, invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the following vacant academic staff positions below:

Part 1

1.) Senior Lecturer (International Law and Jurisprudence)

2.) Senior Lecturer (Public Law)

3.) Graduate Assistant (Human Kinetics and Health Education)

4.) Lecturer II (Biological Sciences)

5.) Senior Lecturer (Private Law)

6.) Lecturer I (Urban and Regional Planning)

7.) Assistant Lecturer (Religion and Cultural Studies)

8.) Lecturer I (Geography)

9.) Lecturer II (Physics)

10.) Graduate Assistant (Educational Foundation)

11.) Graduate Assistant (International Law and Jurisprudence)

12.) Assistant Lecturer (Philosophy)

13.) Lecturer II (Accounting)

14.) Graduate Assistant (Public Law)

15.) Lecturer I (Accounting)

16.) Graduate Assistant (Biological Sciences)

17.) Graduate Assistant (Private Law)

18.) Senior Lecturer (Commercial Law)

19.) Lecturer II (Mathematics and Computer Science)

20.) Graduate Assistant (Library and Information Science)

21.) Lecturer I (Chemistry)

22.) Lecturer II (Geography)

23.) Graduate Assistant (Chemistry)

24.) Senior Lecturer (Urban and Regional Planning)

25.) Senior Lecturer (Geography)

26.) Lecturer II (Business Management)

27.) Lecturer I (Business Management)

28.) Assistant Lecturer (Curriculum and Teaching)

29.) Graduate Assistant (Physics)

30.) Graduate Assistant (Commercial Law)

31.) Lecturer II (International Law and Jurisprudence)

32.) Graduate Assistant (Accounting)

33.) Assistant Lecturer (Educational Foundation)

34.) Lecturer II (Public Law)

35.) Lecturer I (Biological Sciences)

36.) Graduate Assistant (Business Management)

37.) Lecturer II (Private Law)

38.) Lecturer I (Physics)

39.) Assistant Lecturer (Vocational and Technical Education)

40.) Lecturer II (Urban and Regional Planning)

41.) Graduate Assistant (Urban and Regional planning)

42.) Lecturer I (Mathematics and Computer Science)

43.) Lecturer II (Commercial Law)

44.) Assistant Lecturer (Human Kinetics and Health Education)

45.) Lecturer I (Sociology)

46.) Lecturer I (Political Science)

47.) Lecturer II (Curriculum and Teaching)

48.) Graduate Assistant (Geography)

49.) Lecturer I (Economics)

50.) Assistant Lecturer (Library and Information Science)

Part 2

1.) Assistant Lecturer (Theatre Arts)

2.) Lecturer I (Commercial Law)

3.) Assistant Lecturer (Languages and Linguistics)

4.) Lecturer II (Chemistry)

5.) Lecturer I (International Law and Jurisprudence)

6.) Graduate Assistant (Vocational and Technical Education)

7.) Graduate Assistant (Mathematics and Computer Science)

8.) Lecturer I (Public Law)

9.) Lecturer I (Private Law)

10.) Assistant Lecturer (History)

11.) Senior Lecturer (Educational Foundation)

12.) Graduate Assistant (Curriculum and Teaching)

13.) Lecturer II (Mass Communication)

14.) Senior Lecturer (Vocational and Technical Education)

15.) Lecturer I (Library and Information Science)

16.) Assistant Lecturer (English)

17.) Lecturer II (Sociology)

18.) Senior Lecturer (Library and Information Science)

19.) Graduate Assistant (Philosophy)

20.) Lecturer I (Human Kinetics and Health Education)

21.) Senior Lecturer (Human Kinetics and Health Education)

22.) Graduate Assistant (Economics)

23.) Senior Lecturer (Curriculum and Teaching)

24.) Lecturer I (Educational Foundation)

25.) Graduate Assistant (Political Science)

26.) Lecturer II (Psychology)

27.) Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)

28.) Senior Lecturer (Religion and Cultural Studies)

29.) Lecturer I (Vocational and Technical Education)

30.) Senior Lecturer (Theatre Arts)

31.) Graduate Assistant (Psychology)

32.) Lecturer II (Political Science)

33.) Senior Lecturer (Languages and Linguistics)

34.) Graduate Assistant (Sociology)

35.) Graduate Assistant (Religion and Cultural Studies)

36.) Lecturer II (Economics)

37.) Graduate Assistant (Theatre Arts)

38.) Lecturer I (Curriculum and Teaching)

39.) Graduate Assistant (Mass Communication)

40.) Graduate Assistant (Languages and Linguistics)

41.) Lecturer I (Philosophy)

42.) Lecturer I (Religion and Cultural Studies)

43.) Graduate Assistant (History)

44.) Lecturer I (Theatre Arts)

45.) Senior Lecturer (History)

46.) Lecturer I (Languages and Linguistics)

47.) Lecturer I (History)

48.) Graduate Assistant (English)

49.) Lecturer I (English)

50.) Senior Lecturer (English)

Part 3

1.) Assistant Lecturer (Psychology)

2.) Assistant Lecturer (Mass Communication)

3.) Assistant Lecturer (Sociology)

4.) Assistant Lecturer (Political Science)

5.) Assistant Lecturer (Economics)

6.) Assistant Lecturer (Mathematics and Computer Science)

7.) Assistant Lecturer (Biological Sciences)

8.) Assistant Lecturer (Physics)

9.) Assistant Lecturer (Chemistry)

10.) Assistant Lecturer (Business Management)

11.) Lecturer II (Philosophy)

12.) Lecturer II (Religion and Cultural Studies)

13.) Assistant Lecturer (Accounting)

14.) Senior Lecturer (Psychology)

15.) Senior Lecturer (Mass Communication)

16.) Lecturer II (Theatre Arts)

17.) Senior Lecturer (Sociology)

18.) Senior Lecturer (Political Science)

19.) Senior Lecturer (Economics)

20.) Assistant Lecturer (Urban and Regional Planning)

21.) Lecturer II (Languages and Linguistics)

22.) Lecturer II (History)

23.) Lecturer II (English)

24.) Senior Lecturer (Mathematics and Computer Science)

25.) Senior Lecturer (Biological Sciences)

26.) Senior Lecturer (Physics)

27.) Assistant Lecturer (Geography)

28.) Senior Lecturer (Chemistry)

29.) Assistant Lecturer (Commercial Law)

30.) Lecturer II (Library and Information Science)

31.) Lecturer II (Kinetics and Health Education)

32.) Assistant Lecturer (International Law and Jurisprudence)

33.) Senior Lecturer (Business Management)

34.) Lecturer I (Psychology)

35.) Lecturer II (Educational Foundation)

36.) Senior Lecturer (Accounting)

37.) Assistant Lecturer (Public Law)

38.) Assistant Lecturer (Private Law)

39.) Lecturer I (Mass Communication)

40.) Lecturer II (Vocational and Technical Education)

Application Closing Date
9th November, 2018.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified candidates should submit 15 hard copies of their Applications along with their credentials and Curriculum Vitae outlining the following below:

  • Full Name
  • Post Desired and Department
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth and State of Origin
  • Sex
  • Nationality
  • Permanent Home Address
  • Current Postal Address
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Mail Address
  • Marital Status
  • Number of Children with Names and Ages
  • Institutions attended (with dates – starting with the latest)
  • Pure Academic Qualifications (with dates – starting with the latest)
  • Professional Qualifications (with dates – starting with the latest)
  • Scholarships and Prizes (at University, Secondary or Technical level only – starting with the latest)
  • Training Programme Attended (Period of Training and College, Describe Course taken – Starting with the Latest)
  • Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Learned Professional Societies (Starting with the Latest)
  • Working Experience (General and Specific Experience Starting with the Latest)
  • Research Interests or Commissioned Projects:
  • Completed (Starting with the Latest)
  • In progress (List)
  • List of Publications with Details of Title, Publishers, or Journal dates and pages (where applicable)
  • Major Conferences and workshops attended with papers read (Starting with latest)
    Information on Fellowship, Masters Projects and PhD. Thesis Supervised (To include the following, starting with the Latest):
  • Title of Thesis
  • Name of Student
  • Date/Year of Commencement
  • Completed/On-going (Anticipated date of Completion)
  • Sole/Collaborative Supervision
  • Details of Administrative Experience
  • Teaching Experience
  • Service to the Community (with Status and dates)
  • Present Employment, Status, Salary and Employer
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Names and Addresses of Three Referees: Three referees are required, two of whom must be professionals in the candidate’s field. It is the duty of the candidate to inform the referees to complete the “Referee Form” through the link sent to the email address provided on them.
  • All Applications are to be sent and addressed to:
    The Registrar,
    Benue State University,
    P.M.B. 102119, Benue State.
  • Note: The position applied for must be clearly indicated on the “Right-hand” side of the envelope boldly in capital letter.

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